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Since 1983 I have been in the Real Estate industry as a licensed Broker in New York, North Carolina, and Florida.  I have finally found a technology that allows product knowledge given to the home buyer or investor immediately.  Not only does it help sell, it also helps list. Recently I got a listing just because I showed the seller how it works and he said "where do I sign?".  The three things that sell are location, price, and product knowledge and now we can put it all in the palm of their hands instantly. Your service is effective, inexpensive and it works!  I have an easier way of following up with my clients, and when I have an open house or a price change I can alert them through a broadcast instantly.  This is the most cost effective way that I have found to show property allowing up to ten pictures for each property and it gives the buyer control as to whether or not to call or pass the information on to a potential buyer.  Please allow me to thank your company for a wonderful inexpensive way to market the American Dream!

Rose Breslin
Associate Broker, West End Realty
Rockaway Park, New York

A few months ago when Miles sent out the word about a marketing tool through text messaging that’s all I needed to hear. Since jumping on board with TXT2Look I have been able to explore a whole other form of marketing with my listings. My monthly advertising costs have gone down but the exposure and leads have gone up! Now people have instant access to property information and I am able to communicate to them immediately through texting or a phone call. Also, since getting on board with TXT2Look I have a powerful closing tool with the listing. You should see the look on these people when I use the information in my Listing Appointments on their cell phone. This technology is an absolute NO BRAINER!

Darren Gugyelka
The Home Pro
MaxWell Realty

Since I began using TxT2Look a couple months ago I have seen my measurable advertising responses increase dramatically. Now instead of running an expensive print ad with little or no measurable results I capture dozens of leads every week. This amazing system gives me a print out of the phone numbers of everybody who "TxT2Looked" at my listings and I just call or text them back to see if they'd like an appointment to view the listing in person. There's no more waiting for the phone to ring. Now I can be proactive in pursuing those leads that have already "expressed an interest" in my listing. TxT2Look is a "no brainer" for anyone in the real estate industry and all for a fraction of the cost PER MONTH of a single weekly print ad. Just do it!

Chuck Gulyas
RE/MAX Real Estate

I was keen to learn more about this and leapt at the opportunity when the TxT2Look folks stopped by my office. I'm pleased to advise that it is doing what I hoped it would do.

Putting the riders on our For Sale signs has enhanced our marketing efforts and reduced the number of price calls we get. Now when a drive-by prospect contacts us they already know the price and some basic details on that property - they are a more qualified lead. Our seller's like it because they prefer this to having a stranger running on their lawn to grab a feature sheet from the holder. Plus some of the more eagle-eyed seller's like noting that upon stopping in front of our listing they see the person clicking our text address into their phone.

An important aspect of this is the permission based collection of cell phone numbers. This
provides us with a useful data base for follow-ups and we can e-blast them if there's a price change. The TxT2Look website is very easy to navigate and we easily reassign the TxT2Look to a new listing once one sells. We also use TxT2Look in our print advertising as a way to involve the prospect in learning more about the listing.

I put a TxT2Look rider on an estate sale listing in a 55 age restricted community and the lady managing the estate thought it was funny that I would think seniors would use text messaging we've had nine messages on that listing!

Alan Tennant
RE/MAX Real Estate