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NEW! Mobile Apps For Real Estate Professionals Now Available

2010-10-29 11:40:47

NEW! Mobile Apps For Real Estate Professionals

With TxT2Look Mobile Apps, agents can raise their profile, promote their brand and appeal to more buyers, by making all of their listings and contact info conveniently and instantly available to any buyer out driving around looking at properties.

According to a recent study of potential home sellers conducted by Philadelphia based research firm Devine and Powers, 49% of respondents said they would be more likely to use an agent who offered a mobile solution as part of their marketing plan, while 67% said it would be a major deciding factor in choosing a Realtor. To see a demo text JANEAGENT to 43766.

What is a Mobile App?
A Mobile App means giving potential buyers direct access to all of your listings and having them display perfectly on their mobile phone. More users are discovering the power and convenience of using their mobile phones to surf the web and do everything they normally would do using a PC or laptop. With a TxT2Look Mobile App, it works on ALL platforms and for all phone types (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.).

iPhone and other phone Apps typically start at around $15,000. Plus, if you wish to cover the bulk of the market, that means a separate App for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, easily costing in the range of $50,000. The TxT2Look Mobile App is ONLY $29.95 per month! That's it, no catches, no waiting for it to be developed and works instantly once you sign up and enter your listings and info.

To learn more or sign up today, visit http://www.txt2look.com/mobile_sites.php